Pinterest: The New Social Media Phenomenon

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Pinterest is an open social networking site for sharing images you find online, think of it is an image based social bookmarking site. Once an image is uploaded it is called a Pin. These pins can be placed on boards focused on a theme. The theme can be anything you want.

pinterest screenshotWhy Should You Look Into This Platform?

It is one of the fastest growing social networking sites and it is one of the top 5 social networking sites.

It has about 10 million visitors a month.

In some cases it is driving more referral traffic than Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus.

Fifty-nine percent of its “pinners” are women between 25 and 40 years of age. Women also make up 58% of its unique visitors.

It is still an invite only platform at this moment.

pinterest inviteThis is not platform waiting to develop its business model. They are already generating revenue and have a viable business model. This means they are not going to disappear anytime soon.

What to Pin?

Currently the most popular type of pins are fashion, crafts, photography or architecture.

Since the site is really visual these type of pins do really well.

How to Find Content on Pinterest

Most of the content you will find on Pinterest is photos. You can either search for content through the search the box or choose the “Everything” drop down menu to get a breakdown by category.

pinterest discovering contentBut you can also search for and upload videos. The videos page cannot be viewed without logging in. It is a great way of sharing educational videos but keeping in mind that the audience is predominantly women, a video about fixing car engine will not do better than something about fashion or furnishing.

How to Create Boards on Pinterest

For the best user experience, anything you pin to a board should relate directly to that board. This will also increase the likelihood of people following your boards.

Create a title for the board, and always add a description:

You could create boards for…

  • A car you are fixing up and pin ideas for things you want to do to modify the car.
  • Each room of the house you want to redecorate.
  • Pin images that are ideas for blog posts.
  • Birthday wish list.
  • Recipes and cooking ideas.

A board can have multiple contributors. You can invite others to contribute, but they must be one of your followers.

How to Find Pinners

Pinterest is an open social network site that means you can follow anybody you like without having to get their permission.

How do you go about finding people you like?

  • Comment on a pin you like, “like” it or re-pin to one of your boards.
  • Follow a specific board.
  • Search for a particular topic.
  • Browse the “Popular” pins section to see what is trending.
  • Invite your friends or co-workers to join.

You can also collaborate with other Pinners. You can now create a group to work on a project, whether to plan a wedding or event.

Creating a group is simple:

  • Click the board’s edit page.
  • Change the pin setting to “Me + Contributors.”
  • Add a friend’s name.

You have to be following one of their boards in order to do this, and keep in mind, anyone you invite can decline the request.

How To Pin?

When you grab a link and pin, Pinterest automatically grabs the web address so you don’t need to add referral to the source.

Assign it to a board

Add a caption

And, you are done.

Click on this link to get a pin button from their site and integrate it on your website. If you want to make sharing easy for your visitors implement this on your site.

Adding a price

Add a price in the description and it will automatically be grabbed by Pinterest and displayed on the pin.

pinterest price

How to Pin on the Iphone

Here is the link to download the app.

pinterest iphone

  • Look at the pins and pin boards of the people you follow.
  • Comment, like and re-pin.
  • Use your camera to pin and it adds the location.

3 business/brands promoting on Pinterest

So what kind of brand or business promotes on Pinterest?  Here is a list of 3 notable Pinterest accounts.

  1. Martha Stewart – She uses her Pinterest account to promote her personal brand.
  2. Travel Channel – They some interesting boards like “places we’d rather be than work” and “behind the scenes: man v. food.” This ties right back to the visual medium of the platform and showcases their core product really well.
  3. Daily Grommet – This is the New Egg of crafts, delivering useful, interesting and exciting products they’ve discovered daily. They have a board dedicated to “talented artisans” and their favorite videos.


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