Pinterest: The New Social Media Phenomenon

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Pinterest is an open social networking site for sharing images you find online, think of it is an image based social bookmarking site. Once an image is uploaded it is called a Pin. These pins can be placed on boards focused on a theme. The theme can be anything you want. [Read more…]

Is Your Internet As Fast As It Should Be

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Everyone now-a-days wants things to move fast, whether its your car, your computer, your internet or even your career ;). We are a generation that wants things to happen now. So, if you are surfing the net or uploading or downloading stuff and the internet begins to crawl we are bound to get a little flustered :). [Read more…]

15 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows – MAC – Linux

CTRL+A CMD+A Select All Items or Objects
CTRL+C CMD+C Copy Selected Items or Objects  [Read more…]

Simple Tips To Secure Your Browser And Stay Safe Online


Last week we showed you how to install one of the most secure Internet browsers in the business. This week we will talk about, how you can keep your online browsing safe and secure by following a few simple suggestions. These suggestions are generic to any Internet browser.  [Read more…]

How To Install Google Chrome Browser And Why You Should Use It?

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In this hi-tech age, most of us cannot live without the internet. Whether we have a desktop, a laptop or a smart phone, we use the internet in some way or another to pay our bill, check email, watch news etc. We all want content to be delivered to us within the blink of an eye, at the same time expect our [Read more…]

Speed Up Windows 7 in Seven Neat Steps

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Ever asked yourself, what happened to my new PC that used to run so well, but now it takes it’s own sweet time. In this article, we show you a few neat tricks to turn your favorite piece of hardware running like it was half its age.  [Read more…]