15 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows – MAC – Linux

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CTRL+A CMD+A Select All Items or Objects
CTRL+C CMD+C Copy Selected Items or Objects 
CTRL+X CMD+X Cut Selected Items or Objects
CTRL+V CMD+V Paste Selected Items or Objects
CTRL+Z CMD+Z Undo Last Action
CTRL+F CMD+F Opens Search Dialog Box
ALT+TAB CMD+TAB Toggle (Switch) Between Open Applications
ALT+F4 (Windows Only) CMD+W Close Selected Window
ALT+F4 (Windows Only) CMD+Q Quit Selected Application
END CMD+› Move Cursor to End of Line
HOME CMD+‹ Move Cursor  to Beginning of Line
PG DOWN CMD+↓ Move Cursor to End of Page
PG UP CMD+↑ Move Cursor to Top of Page
CTRL+- CMD+- Zoom Out For Most Applications
CTRL++ CMD++ Zoom In For Most Applications


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