How To Secure Your Facebook Account

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Face book is a social media site that has gone viral over the past few years. With that said, it has attracted many users for various reasons such as staying connected with family, friends. Also, its known for its apps as well as games that many look forward to. However it is known that once users’ sign up for a Face book account, not very many people are aware of the constant changes in the account and privacy setting of their page which could possibly make their private information more available to the public. Below are a few steps that can help with maintaining your account, security and privacy settings.

Firstly, log in to your Face book account. Once you are fully logged in, you can then click on the wheel like Icon, on the top left corner of your screen. This gives your five options in your drop down:

  •  Advertising
  •  Account Settings
  • Privacy Settings
  • Log out
  • Help 

facebook security 1

You then click on Account Settings as shown in the image below. Once you click on that, you enter into your General Account settings page. This is where you find information such as your Name, Username, Email provided at the time of initiating the account. Additionally, you can edit or change your password on your account.

facebook security 2

Then, for advanced security options, you click on Security in the left column under General. 

facebook security 3

By clicking on Security, you can then in detail click on each of the options shown above and select EDIT to change your settings on each one. Here you can edit the following

  • Secure Browsing – To always ensure you are browsing on a secure network.
  • Login Notifications – You can get notifications sent to your  phone or email when you logging to your account.
  • Login Approvals – If an unknown browser is trying to log in this will prompt for a user code which you can set up.
  • App Passwords – Assign an App password to download or use any applications.
  • Recognized Devices – To register your devices such as phone, laptop or iPad.
  • Active Sessions – Location from where your log in is active. This also carries a history of the last eight times you have logged in along with the Device type.  

Remember to save changes before selecting the next option. If you DO NOT select save changes, your change will not reflect in your account.

Once you are done modifying your Security Settings, you can move onto your privacy settings. Click on Privacy an option which is located on the same page, below Security on the left.

facebook security 4

 Under the Privacy Settings and Tools, you can edit information in the two main categories

  • Who can see my stuff
  • Who can look me up

It is important to keep in mind that your facebook page does not only hold content that you post, but also content that you are tagged in such as photos, videos or even posts that you might not want to have published on your page for safety/security reasons.

 So let’s take a look at the sub-categories under “Who can see my stuff”

  • Who can see my future postsHere you have the option of Public, friends, only me and custom. Choose the one that best suits your privacy.
  • Review all your posts and things your tagged in – This is an activity log of things you have commented on/ and or posted to. (for your reference)
  • Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or publicBy editing the options here, note that edit group will be the only group to view the posts from past to present.

The sub –categories under “Who can look me up”

  • Who can look you up with the email or phone number you have providedHere you can choose the options of friends, friend of friends or everyone depending on how visible you want your email or phone number to be.
  • Who can look up your timeline by nameSame as above, you have the three options of friends, friend of friends or everyone. We would suggest you keep this as private as you don’t want to share everything with everyone.
  • Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline?This speaks to itself. If you would like people to look you up via other search engines, then you can check mark the box for that option. Please see the image below.

facebook security 5

We hope these options will help secure your page and give you the comfort of knowing that your private information is only as exposed to the web as you want it to be. You can also continue with editing the settings in your tags, applications, ads, gifts and so on. Enjoy socializing safely :) 


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