How To Install Google Chrome Browser And Why You Should Use It?

In this hi-tech age, most of us cannot live without the internet. Whether we have a desktop, a laptop or a smart phone, we use the internet in some way or another to pay our bill, check email, watch news etc. We all want content to be delivered to us within the blink of an eye, at the same time expect our internet browsers to keep our surfing experience safe from prying eyes. That’s where Google Chrome browser comes in.

Google Chrome browser recently, was named the most secure and fastest browser by most technology  magazines and sites. It has been well tested for security holes by various non-vested parties and has been around for a while and is also backed by a reliable brand. It is also the world’s second most used Internet browser, recently overtaking Firefox. Chrome’s team is also known to be the fastest to detect and patch any new found security vulnerability. It is also very intuitive to use and very easy to download and setup. Now that I have hopefully convinced you to download and install Google Chrome Browser :), below is a quick guide to actually putting it into action. Do not worry, Chrome can co-exist with your current browser and will also transfer your bookmarks in one easy step.


First you need to download a copy of the Google Chrome software, you can do this by just browsing to the Google home page, where you should see a button saying “Install Google Chrome” on the top right conner of your browser. Click this button and you will be directed to the download page. Once there, click the “Download” button to  download the software to your “Desktop” (Agree to the licensing terms). Once the download is complete, double click the file that you just downloaded.


Say okay, when “Finder” asks you, if it is okay to open a internet downloaded file. In the new “Finder” window, drag and drop the “Chrome” Icon to the “Application” folder. Then launch it from the “Application” folder for the first time, after which an icon will be added to “Launch Pad” for further use.


You will now be prompted to select the default search engine. Below are your choices, pick the one you like, I personally prefer “Google”.

chrome setup page 1

Next, you will be asked whether you want to make Chrome your default browser. Check the box as shown below and click “Start Google Chrome” button.

chrome setup page 2

Next, you will be asked to sign in with a Google account. This will sync all your devices using Chrome. You can skip this step for now by clicking “No Thanks”.

chrome setup page 3

After this, the next window will help you copy your current bookmarks to your Chrome browser. Click “Import Bookmark Now” link on the top of the page and select “Import” in the new dialog box. You will see a dialog box showing “Success” and a “Check Mark” when the copy is complete. As simple as that. Click “Ok”.

chrome setup page 4

chrome setup page 5

chrome setup page 6

Finally, You will see your new browser with two tabs. The first tab lets you customize your browser preference, defaults should be good enough. The second tab shows the getting started page, feel free to explore.

chrome setup page 7

That’s it!, your Google Chrome Browser setup is complete. You can now close your browser and reopen it again to continue surfing with your new browser.

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