How to Delete A City In Weather App In iOS 7

1. After launching the weather app in iOS 7, click on the area circled in red as shown in the first screen shot to bring up the city list view.

2. Then, as shown in the second screen shot, select the city you want to delete.

weather app ios 7 - pic1weather app ios 7 - pic2

3. Next, swipe left on the selection, in the direction of by black arrow as shown in the screen shot below, then click on the delete button that appears.

4. That’s it, notice the selected city has now been deleted from the weather app as shown in the last screen shot. Also, to add new locations click on the “+” sign and to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit, click on the “C / F” toggle switch. 

weather app ios 7 - pic3weather app ios 7 - pic4

UPDATE (Oct 9th 2013): To Change the list order, simply select and hold the desired city in list view and drag it to its new location.

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  1. I tried this a number of times and it didn’t work. Why?

  2. Thanks for that. Thanks also to Apple for making it so obscure in the first place.

  3. Thank you for this! Like everyone else, I was just going around & around and getting frustrated. This was a big help to me!

  4. A thousand thank you’s for the instruction on how to delete an iphone weather app city!

  5. I’m having difficulty getting back to screenshot 1. I accidentally fumbled my phone, and when I caught it I ended up on the manage cities page here, and I can’t get back. I’m sure it’s obvious, but I can’t pull it off.

    • Try pressing the Home button to go back to the home page, then relaunch the App. If you end up on screenshot 2, then just select the desired city to get back to screenshot 1.