How To Close Apps in iOS 7 And Save On Battery

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Apple released the much awaited iOS 7 yesterday and like expected it’s the biggest overhaul since the first version of iOS. Even though I am not too fond of the new flatter design, I must admit there are significant improvements in terms of functionality and security.

One amongst the many new enhancements are the improvements to the multitasking feature. iOS 7 has a whole new interface to switch between apps and also now, all open apps stay updated in the background. Although this is a wonderful thing, you might want to close apps in iOS 7, especially the ones running in the background to save on¬†battery and memory. In previous versions of iOS, you might have been used to closing apps running in the background by double clicking the home button and holding down the app icon till it begins to wiggle and then clicking the “X” mark to close the app. Closing apps in iOS 7 is almost similar with a slight twist.¬†Here is how.

First to see all running apps, double click the home button or simply swipe up with multiple fingers from the bottom of your device, this should bring up a view similar to the one shown below.

background app view ios 7

Now to close apps in iOS 7, simply select the app you want to close and swipe that app window (not the app icon) upwards and away with one finger, it’s as simple as that. I recommend closing every app in iOS 7 that is not is use to save on battery and memory.

Another way of conserving battery is to prevent apps from refreshing itself in the background, without actually closing them. This can be done by turning off the feature globally from Setting > General > Background App Refresh. See below picture.

app refresh setting ios 7


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  1. Thank you. I followed your directions and I was successful. Many thanks.