How To Upgrade To Mac OS X Mavericks

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Apple recently released Mavericks its latest version of OS X. This article describes step by step how to upgrade to Mac OS X Mavericks. But before you start upgrading your existing Mac OS X to Mavericks, I strongly recommend to backup all your data to a external device ( Drive / Cloud). [Read more…]

How To Access A Mac Using Screen Sharing Or VNC


There may be many instances where you might want to access a Mac from another Computer, iOS device or an Android device within the same network. In this article, we explore how you can do that using the built in Screen Sharing tool or by using a VNC client. [Read more…]

Is My Mac Really Running Slower Than Normal?

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Ever get a feeling that your Computer is running slower than normal, if you did, don’t worry you are not alone. In this article, we will show you how to find out what processes are really running underneath the covers off your Mac. We will also see how to find out the load on your CPU and Memory utilization and [Read more…]

How To Use Time Machine To Backup Manually

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Mac OS  X comes with a built in tool called Time Machine which can be used to backup your System and also create restore point at various intervals. Once Time Machine is setup, it runs a automated incremental backup every hour. This sometimes can be a problem when you are tight on Backup Disk space [Read more…]

MacBook – Get External Monitor To Work With The Laptop Lid Closed

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Most of us are used to plugging in our PC laptop to a docking station at work to take advantage of a larger monitor and mouse, but when I initially tried to setup my MacBook in a similar fashion my external monitor would blank out. This article shows how to get your external monitor to work [Read more…]

How To Create A Bootable Clone Of Your Mac Hard Drive

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Mac’s come with a built in tool called “Disk Utility” which can be used to clone your Mac Hard Drive. The process of creating a bootable clone of your Mac Hard Drive is fairly simple, but before we get into the nitty gritty of  actually creating a bootable clone of your Mac Hard Drive, lets talk  a little about [Read more…]