Dual Boot Mountain Lion And Lion On Your Mac

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Mountain Lion was released two days ago (25th July) with a tons of awesome features like iMessage, Airplay Mirroring, Notification Center and many more. The best part is it costs only $19.99 to upgrade making it almost irresistible. But even though Apple has made the upgrade process seamless, [Read more…]

Partitioning A Hard Drive On Mac Running OS X Lion

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Partitioning Mac’s internal Hard Drive running OS X Lion can sometimes be tricky. This is especially true when you are trying to partition a Hard Drive that has an encrypted partition.  Do not worry, this article has you covered in case you  run into any issues while partitioning. [Read more…]

Creating A External Recovery Disk For Mac OS X Lion

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With Mac OS’s next release, Mountain Lion, just around the corner, now would be a good time to create a external Recovery Disk for Mac OS X Lion. This is crucial for both people using Lion currently and also for the ones who plan on upgrading to the next release, let me explain why.  [Read more…]

Upgrading Memory On MacBook Pro

This video shows you how to upgrade your Unibody MacBook Pro memory. The model used in this video is a early 2011 MacBook Pro.

Why I Love Buying My eBooks On Amazon

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Firstly, I would like to apologies to my readers for being M.I.A :) for the last few weeks. I was off on a well deserved long vacation. You can check some of the pictures I took on our Facebook page. Anyways, during my vacation I brought a few ebooks to kill time and keep myself entertained [Read more…]

Is Your Internet As Fast As It Should Be

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Everyone now-a-days wants things to move fast, whether its your car, your computer, your internet or even your career ;). We are a generation that wants things to happen now. So, if you are surfing the net or uploading or downloading stuff and the internet begins to crawl we are bound to get a little flustered :). [Read more…]